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Photophonics, audio visual installation, dimensions variable (2009).

Photophonics, a collaboration between Mike Blow and video artist Bruno Mathez, is a site-specific light-to-sound instrument which uses projection masks to illuminate elements of the exhibition space, creating a direct and vital link between audio and visual media.

Musical notes are produced by small sound module circuits. Each module is a minimal analog oscillator which can be tuned, with a light sensor that reacts immediately to light falling on it - the brightness controlling the volume and tone of the note. As can be seen in the video, this allows direct manipulation of the audio produced using projected light beams and patterns, resulting in a hypnotic audiovisual experience.

Photophonics has been exhibited at:

'Sonic Art', Blank Gallery Brighton 02/05/09-16/05/09

'Tilt: Light and Colour', Bash Creations London 09/10/09-11/10/09

About Bruno Mathez

Bruno Mathez is a french audiovisual artist living in London. His work explores the relationship between the video medium and other art forms. His skills in the audiovisual field include filming to video editing and post-production, installing audiovisual systems or coordinating audiovisual events.