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Elbe River Tunnel, stereo audio duration 09:04 (2009)

An audio piece made from 3 field recordings of the Elbe River Tunnel in Hamburg.

"... since the piece was in three sections I started to think about reflecting 3 different uses of the tunnel. The first section speaks of the tunnel as an industrial tool, a way to facilitate business and transport goods. The middle section is more about a tunnel as a pleasure, an escape, a way to get out of the city. And the third is as a means of protection; recalling the firebombing of Hamburg which has totally and permanently changed the face of the city, imagining people huddled in the tunnels to escape the bombs and dreading a direct hit. The explosions by the way are Hamburg's new years eve fireworks vastly slowed down...which is why they sound grainy and distorted, but I like that."

Elbe River Tunnel was exhibited at 'Hinterlands', Trafalgar Works Gallery Brighton 12/07/09-09/08/09

About the Elbe River Tunnel.