Mike Blow

Soundart / Performance / Interactives / Installations / Electronics / Analog and digital media

Mike is represented internationally by BUREAU DOOVE and supported by Oxford Contemporary Music.

Blows, live performance, Young Rewired State, Plymouth 2014

Traak!, Audiograft, Oxford 2015

POD, Whitley Art Festival, Reading 2013

Aeolus, Unfoldings, Watermans Gallery 2013

Ritual, Unfoldings, Watermans Gallery 2013

Arpeggi, Audible Forces, Brighton Festival 2013

Arpeggi, Audible Forces, Brighton Festival 2013

Deep Listening, River Runs Project, Oxford 2012 (photo: James Hudson)

Presence Room, BEAM Festival, London 2012

Solar Work #2, Audiograft, Oxford 2012

Torch Song, Spotlight, Oxford 2011

Machines for Singing, Gardner Arts Center, Brighton 2006

Pod, Shunt, London 2009

Postcards from the Dead, Sound Art, Brighton 2009

The Fully Sequential Multi-Sensory Reflect-O-Matic, Time Machines, Oxford 2011

Shower, Kinetica Art Fair, London 2010

Theremuino, handbuilt instrument, 2010

For a Limited Period Only, Time Machines, Oxford 2011

Sound Garden, Brighton 2010

Ceremony, Kinetica Art Fair, London 2010

Subtle Objects (Pickup), Stadium, Brighton 2010

Bleigeissen, Time Machines, Oxford 2011

A27 Zen Garden, What the fxxx is happening now?, Falmer Sussex 2010

Stereo Rain Painting, Time Machines, Oxford 2011


Exhibition at the Ceramic House, September 2nd 2016, Brighton

Pod install at the Science Museum London Wonderlab Statoil gallery, opening October 12th 2016


Developing ideas with Danish artist Anne Lykke as part of a residency with the Ceramic House.


Tate Modern commission with Institute of Digital Art and Technology, 17-19 June 2016, London

Pod and Aeolus' Cabinet at Audiograft, March 2016, Oxford

Plymouth Art Weekender 25-27 September

Oxford Light Night 20 November, The Messiah with Max Reinhardt